Who We Are

We created Beauty Beyond 10 years ago out of our own frustration with the traditional retail shopping experience. Clean beauty was not as fashionable as it is today and we wanted to cut through the clutter and confusion and curate the most active, non-toxic and effective products available. Our goal is to provide our clients with a truly unique experience that is rooted in high-level service, trust and transparency. No longer would you spend hours at a makeup counter being sold thousands of dollars in products that you have no idea how to use. Or spend countless nights scrolling through online tutorials being influenced to buy products that aren’t even right for your skin type.

At Beauty Beyond we are your trusted resource for all of your product needs from head to toe. Beauty experts and ingredient enthusiasts who spend the time doing the research, working with founders, doctors and brands to test the best in clean beauty. Working with our clients either in-person or virtually to provide them with a customized, simplified skincare and makeup experience. We aren’t just about selling stuff we are about building relationships. 

In 2018 we partnered with top dermatologist and facial plastic surgeons from Moy Fincher Chipps on Rodeo drive, Beverly Hills, in providing pre/post-op recovery services to all of their patients who have had ablative laser procedures. We support them with their skincare and makeup needs before and after surgery. Along with step-by-step aftercare instructions, patients receive a highly curated, Beauty Beyond recovery kit. This allows their patients to get extra support with their skin as they heal and ensure that they are using clean, safe products ensuring the best long-term results. 

Shannon Soller

Shannon's first job was at the Clinique counter in San Francisco at the age of 18. She fell in love with the creativity and connection of working with clients. She supported herself thru college doing freelance makeup in SF and Los Angeles. She went on to work with brands like Fresh and Adidas in product development, marketing and sales. She loves looking for niche brands and feels that when it comes to the beauty industry, we are in a time of information overload. Sometimes too much information is not always a good thing. Wanting to be that filter and help streamline these products for her clients, Shannon believes Beauty Beyond will provide not only a valuable service but bring education, trust and transparency back into the retail environment.

email: shannon@beautybeyondla.com